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Kate Johnson

Kate is responsible for managing our marketing campaigns and events. She leverages her 15 years of experience spanning multiple industries, as diversified as: security, software, home décor, and publishing. She brings the best practices of those organizations and a forward-thinking marketing approach to Leap the Pond. Kate has a BA in Graphic Design from Colby-Sawyer College and an MBA in Marketing from Keller Graduate School.
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Bombora Gains Visibility Across Its Finances

August 01, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

Category: Sage Intacct, Thursday Theories

Bombora outgrew its original accounting solution, QuickBooks, which couldn’t keep pace with the increasing demands of Bombora’s rapid ...

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A Nonprofit’s Mission with Sage Intacct

July 30, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

Category: Software, Accounting, Cloud

Accountability is essential to nonprofits. Where is money being spent? How are funds being tracked? How much is being spent per each ...

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How-To Implement Middle-Market Accounting Software

July 25, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

Category: Software, How To's

Earlier this year we launched our eBook and webinar on how to select the right middle-market accounting solution and now we're coming ...

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Crystal Financial Dramatically Increased Their Team’s Efficiency With Sage Intacct

July 12, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

Category: Software

After involvement in various other specialty lending companies, the founding partners established Crystal Capital in 2006. The ...

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Sage Intacct Provides Transparency to Marinus

July 01, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

Category: Sage Intacct, Customer Case Studies

Like so many companies, Marinus chose to use QuickBooks at the outset. But as Marinus expanded operations, it found that QuickBooks ...

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