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Not all cloud software is equal

October 19, 2014
Posted by: David Furth

Category: Software

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Today, a company can subscribe to just about any type of cloud software to support its business - from CRM, email marketing applications, and web conferencing to e-commerce, inventory, and accounting software. Given how easy it is to sign up for cloud software, most companies take a quick look at the capabilities or get a recommendation from a colleague and then subscribe without taking the time to see if the cloud software actually will meet both short and long-term needs.

So, what is the right amount of time to spend both documenting requirements and making a selection? It depends. Consider these three questions:

  1. Will the cloud software you are considering support a process that is critical to my business?
  2. Will integration with other applications help streamline processes and improve visibility in a meaningful way?
  3. Will the software be able to support your requirements as the business grows?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, make sure you choose the cloud software with a little more due diligence. Don’t let the ease of subscribing to cloud software put you in a situation where you make too quick a choice. Not all cloud software is equal so make sure you understand its impact on the business prior to subscribing.