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Easily Lost in the Clouds

October 19, 2014
Posted by: David Furth

Category: Accounting

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Earlier this year, Intermedia published a report stating the average SMB uses 14.3 apps. This is not surprising when you consider how easy it is for a company and its employees to subscribe to cloud software – be it for storage, email, CRM, e-commerce, or even accounting. Think about how far we have come from the days when a software selection could take months and the software implementation even longer.

Today, we live in a world where we can receive immediate gratification! Just sign up, provide a credit card, and you are ready to go. But I am curious if this is all good. Can we make a selection too quickly? Do we miss out on opportunities to see across the whole business? Do we need to consider how these cloud applications might work together? Should we have a strategy for all our cloud applications?

From my perspective, the answer is YES. So jot down your challenges, assess their impact on your business, document what the cloud application(s) need to do to address the issues, and how they might work together. Have a cloud strategy and a software selection process. It does not have to be too difficult.