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Getting Started with Sage Intacct Sandbox Environments – Everything You Need to Know

March 27, 2018
Posted by: Anthony Della Selva

Category: Software, Sandbox

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When implementing new accounting software, deploying a new cloud-based best-in-class application, or perhaps a new Order-to-Cash workflow, testing is one of the most significant steps in the entire process. Testing in a staging environment provides powerful clues on how well the go-live experience will be for your team and allows you to adjust before your day-to-day operations are impacted. This is where a Sandbox Environment from Sage Intacct comes perfectly into play for organizations large and small.

Sage Intacct Sandbox

What is a Sage Intacct Sandbox Environment?

A Sage Intacct Sandbox Environment is a Non-Production carbon copy of your company’s Sage Intacct Production environment. It allows you to make and validate changes without having to worry about adversely impacting your official system of record.

Benefits of a Sage Intacct Sandbox Environment:

  • Provides a safe, realistic environment that is updated with every Sage Intacct Quarterly Product Release.
  • Facilitates the testing of those releases, as well as impacts of configuration changes, without the risk of disruptions to your Production environment.
  • Allows for the creation of customized reports and dashboards so that you can gauge their usefulness, before rolling them out into your Production environment.
  • Used to test established integrations with Sage Intacct Marketplace partner products; or by organizations with teams of strong developers to test their own custom integrations with non-marketplace 3rd party products.
  • Allows flexibility to meet changing business conditions and models.
  • Facilitates rapid decision making for business and financial processes.

Use Case Examples Within a Sage Intacct Sandbox Environment:

  • To make sure your business is equipped to meet the new ASC 606 guidelines, you want to learn to effectively utilize the Sage Intacct Contracts functionality for all customer billing and revenue recognition, before determining whether to subscribe.
  • Because you pay your employees on a project time and materials basis, you want to learn how the Sage Intacct Projects Accounting module works in conjunction with an integrated Timekeeping solution to capture employee time and re-bill it to any particular project(s).
  • Test the efficiency impacts of adding another approval layer for payments of AP bills.
  • Sandbox environments are great for adding users without incurring any additional user license costs. Let’s say you want to train a new hire in the use of Sage Intacct, but they won’t be performing any daily functions right now. Add them as a Full Business User in the Sandbox environment with all permissions to all modules. They’ll then be able to use the software in its entirety at no extra cost, and with zero risk to the integrity of your Production environment data.

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