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How-To Implement Middle-Market Accounting Software

July 25, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

Category: Software, How To's

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Earlier this year we launched our eBook and webinar on how to select the right middle-market accounting solution and now we're coming out with our second installment, Leap the Pond's Implementation Guide to Success. It is a how-to on implementing accounting software. 

implementing accounting software

In our short video and eBook you will learn how to assemble your dream team, how to create a marketing/communications plan (yes, accountants can do that), how to set realistic goals and expectations for the team, try not to make it more complicated than it needs to be, and the importance of testing and training. 

Our eBook also includes a section of frequently asked questions, such as "What three things should I do before an implementation?" and "What's one of the biggest hurdles you see in an implementation?" Learn from our team to get a head start to understand your implementation before you are in the throes of it. 

Sample passage from our eBook

"Setting realistic expectations is essential to the overall success of your implementation. Are you looking to rethink
everything you know about your internal processes? Do you want to keep your implementation simple? What are the accomplishment that equal success? At the end of the day the new accounting system will be different from your old system and there will be vast improvements, as well as limitations that should be communicated. The project isn’t going to be perfect and neither will the software. Because life isn’t. When issue come up, breathe, and come up with a plan to address. This will lead to less stress and better outcomes!" 

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Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with a lot of organizations as a trusted middle-market accounting software reseller for Sage Intacct. On a daily basis, we work with CFOs and their teams. We to get to know their businesses and see the ins and outs of the organizational magic that happens behind the scenes. New cloud-based accounting software means a real-time overview of your financial posture, access to your data from multiple locations, greater communication between departments and vendors, and so much more.

We are here to help!

Let us know if you are struggling with your current accounting solution, or read one of our case studies to see how companies, like yours, have transitioned from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct. 

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