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Monday Morsels: The Seven Deadly Sins of Financial Management

August 14, 2017
Posted by: Anthony Della Selva

Category: Monday Morsels

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intacct consultingToday I’m excited to introduce a new series, Monday Morsels, on our blog. Monday Morsels aims to provide you with information that I hope you’ll find beneficial to the operations and growth of your business. I’ll offer my viewpoint and I hope you do the same! If you find anything intriguing, please leave me a comment.

In our understandable eagerness to meet deadlines, it’s easy to miss seeing the forest through the trees. Some organizations, in an effort to just “get it done”, may not realize they’re falling into some pretty significant pitfalls when it comes to the management of their financial data, and don’t see the signs that their data is flashing about their business.

The first installment of Monday Morsels talks about “The Seven Deadly Sins of Financial Management”, and about how Sage Intacct helps you avoid the mistakes that most commonly hinder business growth. Click here to read the full article.