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Our Top Five Frequently Asked Questions on Implementing Accounting Software

October 10, 2018
Posted by: Kate Johnson

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We're giving away a little free advice today! Whether you’ve taken the time to carefully go through the selection process of your next accounting software; or if you are just starting your software search - - - we'd like to help you understand your implementation before you are in the throes of it. We've asked our skilled Accounting Software Implementation Team for the most common questions and challenges that they experience every day. Below are our most frequently asked questions!

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Q: What’s one of the biggest hurdles you see in an implementation?

A: It would have to be communicating changes that will occur with a new accounting system. We recommend having a conversation with the whole team to make sure everyone’s on board.

Q: What three things should I do before an implementation?

A: (1) Start thinking about change early; (2) have as much documented before you start; and (3) be disciplined – have a plan, document it, and stick to it.

Q: What’s more important, achieving total success or finishing the implementation on time?

A: Project success should take priority. If your implementation became a bigger project than originally intended, or if you encountered any bottlenecks, don’t try to move mountains to get it done if the date is negotiable.

Q: Will I know how are we doing compared to budget?

A: We keep a close eye on the budget and communicate it weekly during our status meetings. Any good implementer will do this.

Q: If I choose Leap the Pond, who am I going to be working with and do they have the skill set that my company needs?

A: Our consultants have a wide breadth of experience across multiple industries. We have implemented over 700 projects for more than 350 organizations. We match consultants with industry and unique skill sets needed for each project. You have gotten to know our sales organization and they have begun the discovery process that will be completed in depth during the project. They will pass along what they have learned to our consulting team to ensure a smooth transition.


We've held back a few of our most common FAQs - - - you will have to download our eBook to see them all! Download here >

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The people at Leap the Pond have been implementing accounting software in one form or another for more than 20 years. In that time, we have learned a thing or two, developed some opinions, and come up with some simple rules of thumb. In our eBook we cover these five key areas:

  1. Assemble your dream team
  2. Create a marketing/communications plan (yes, we accountants can do that)
  3. Set realistic goals and expectations for the team
  4. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be
  5. Test, test, and train

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