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Productivity Improvements – A Challenge

December 04, 2014
Posted by: David Furth

Category: Life, Accounting

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The end of this post will surprise you.

Every day, I sit across from amazing finance and accounting professionals who work extremely hard and perform herculean tasks to get their jobs done – often without the appreciation that other departments receive and always with significant personal sacrifice. I am lucky because I am in a position to help change the situation. I sell, implement, and support a modern accounting software that helps these professionals dramatically improve productivity (i.e. gain time). And, I have seen the impact firsthand.

What happens to the hours saved? There are plenty of studies about the productivity improvements across every industry sector and associated impact to companies’ bottom lines. And some social minded organizations “give” some of the saved hours back by letting employees volunteer “on company time.” But does anyone give the time saved back to employees? If you are a CEO, CFO, or other senior executive, don’t you think some of these hours should go back to your employees - instead of being consumed by new responsibilities?

Why do I ask?

Six months ago, I learned that a former colleague’s wife died after a long battle with cancer. Two months ago, I learned that a childhood friend’s sixteen year old daughter died within days of being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Two days ago, I learned that a client, age 45, died suddenly.

My point?

What would these productivity savings (e.g., giving back just a few hours a week) have meant to each of these individuals?

The challenge is no longer how to achieve productivity improvements. The challenge is what can we as leaders/managers do to ensure that the time saved is used in the best possible ways?

What can you do – TODAY - to make sure this happens?