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Sage Intacct Marketplace Partners, Adaptive Insights and FloQast, Make Top Tech Companies to Watch in 2018

June 11, 2018
Posted by: Anthony Della Selva

Category: Sage Intacct Marketplace Partners

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Adaptive Insights and FloQast made CFO Magazine’s list of tech companies to watch in 2018.

Adaptive Insights is one of Sage Intacct’s top Marketplace Partners year after year. Our clients use Adaptive Insights to help take their budgeting process out of Excel. If you’ve ever been part of the budgeting process you know that passing around an Excel document is probably one of the most inefficient ways to plan your fiscal year, not to mention, prone to human error. Adaptive Insights is all about collaboration. Jim Johnson, CFO of Adaptive Insights is quoted in the article saying “The appeal of cloud-based planning software like that from Adaptive Insights is that it allows for collaboration. Without the cloud, it isn’t possible to build planning models that are powerful enough or that can refresh all relevant data. You can’t be collaborative in a spreadsheet environment; you have individuals with a model on their laptop doing a piece of the work.

If you’re one of our clients and would like to learn more about Adaptive Insights, or schedule a demo, email me at 

Sage Intacct Partners

Another top Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner to keep an eye on is FloQast. FloQast is close management software built by accountants for accountants so they can close faster and more accurately. FloQast helps you close your books faster by allowing you to streamline your month-end close, eliminate manual ticking and tying with automated tie-outs, and hit deadlines without micromanagement. The Sage Intacct integration will allow you to securely access your General Ledger information on demand with one click inside FloQast. Real-time alerts will notify you if reconciled workbooks no longer tie to Intacct so you can ensure they are audit ready.

If you’re one of our clients and would like to learn more about FloQast, or schedule a demo, email me at  

We work tirelessly with Sage Intacct Marketplace Partners to bring you educational-based product information to help maximize your Sage Intacct environment.

Please note that this is in no way an endorsement or solicitation of Adaptive Insights or FloQast. They are several of the marketplace solutions that integrate with Sage Intacct. For a full listing of solutions, please visit the Sage Intacct Marketplace.

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