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We came, we saw, and we conquered NY TechDay

May 10, 2017
Posted by: David Furth

Category: Accounting

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We are proud to have sponsored NY TechDay on Tuesday April 18th. There were over 35,000 attendees and 575 startups lining the halls at Pier 94 in Manhattan! “The event has emerged as an important centerpiece of ideas, discussion and connection for startups, bringing together leaders of the tech industry as well as investors. We shared and engaged with other entrepreneurs and business leaders,” said David Furth, President and Co-Founder of Leap the Pond.

TechDay is one of the largest technology focused start up conferences on the circuit. They have events in New York, Los Angeles, and London brining in a combined community of over 50,000 startups, entrepreneurs, students, journalists, job seekers, and tech enthusiasts. There were exciting demos throughout the day, Fireside Chats, networking opportunities, and Shark Tank was even there…you know it’s a party when Shark Tank comes to town!

We met so many great people, spread the word about Leap the Pond and our partner Intacct, and our President and Co-Founder, David Furth, participated in a Fireside Chat with TechDay’s Alex Newmann.

intacct accounting software

David shared practical ideas to help startups achieve business success, including how to scale their business, establish the right financial management and reporting infrastructure early, avoid a long cash conversion cycle, and select the right cloud-based applications for your business.

Here are some of David’s key takeaways from his Fireside Chat.

Be focused: There will be an endless list of priorities, opportunities and distractions as you build your business. You also need to know who you want to target and everything about them. Your job is to focus only on those initiatives that drive positive results for your company.

Have a plan or roadmap: By establishing processes and infrastructure as early as possible, not only will you be able to help assess how the business is doing day-by-day, but also help chart a course for future growth.

Don't be afraid to invest in the business, as well as, on it: Don't take shortcuts when it is time to invest in your business on important items like accounting software. Having the right systems in place from the start will give you critical information and insight into your business. You should also plan for scalability so your system can grow with you, and establish an infrastructure that provides full, real-time visibility across your organization.

Did you miss us at TechDay? Connect with us now and we can schedule a conversation to discuss your unique business needs. Click here to start a conversation.

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